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A general guide to Education research for the Rosemont College community.

Guide Intro

Welcome to the EDU 4595: Action Research in Education

Participants in this course will engage in explorations of action research in theory and practice in relation to serving as an administrator or teacher in their school. Students will make connections between their theoretical understandings of research and their own emergence as practitioner researchers in educational settings. Participants will view themselves as producers of knowledge who can learn more about administration or instruction by studying their own experiences to improve school effectiveness and student learning. They will have an opportunity to identify a problem in their school, or practice, devise a plan, gather and analyze data, report results and develop implications for their future administrative or teaching practices and action research.

This guide provides access to resources to help with the course.

Required Texts

Action ResearchHow Teachers Can Turn Data into Action

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Related Resources

When searching for resources, try some of these terms:


  • action research
  • participatory research
  • bonded design
  • educational theory