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A general guide to Education research for the Rosemont College community.

Guide Intro

Welcome to the EDU 4508: Classroom Management Strategies Library Guide!

This course is focused on teaching prospective teachers essential skills and strategies for managing individual student and group behavior in the PK-4 classroom. You will learn specific techniques and you must demonstrate the use of these techniques to successfully pass the course. Students will have opportunities to practice and demonstrate basic classroom management skills in class and through targeted assignments. This course is designed to help teachers understand why young children behave as they do in the classroom. Major concepts such as the drive to belong, private logic, birth order and Goals of Misbehavior, logical consequences, reflective listening, questioning skills and class meetings will be explored in detail. Additionally, we will develop the link between the way adults respond to misbehaving children and how it will either feed or extinguish the problem. This course is a comprehensive study of understanding that self disciplined children come from being in relationship with self-disciplined adults. It examines adult response patterns to children's misbehavior on three levels - adult thinking/attitudes, adult language, and adult actions. There will be a follow-up (1.5 credit) version of this course during your student teaching semester, as part of the Graduate Seminar course, aimed at coaching you through handling classroom management during your student teaching.

This guide provides access to resources to help with the course.

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When searching for resources, try some of these terms:

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  • educational psychology