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A general guide to Education research for the Rosemont College community.

Guide Intro

Welcome to the EDU 4562: Applied Linguistics

Participants in this course will become knowledgeable about the nature and structure of language and how first and second hand languages are developed and acquired. Basic concepts, scope, and methodology of the science of linguistics in its historical and descriptive aspects will be reviewed including topics and issues in current linguistic studies. Students will explore and develop a repertoire of effective ELL teaching strategies to become proficient at supporting students' secondary language and literacy development and academic achievement.

This guide provides access to resources to help with the course.

Required Text

Essential Linguistics: What Teachers Need to Know to Teach ESL, Reading, Spelling, and Grammar

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Related Resources

When searching for resources, try some of these terms:

  • Linguistics
  • ESL (English as a second language)
  • Language
  • Reading
  • Language Education