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Rosemont College Archives

Inspired by experiences during this historic year, please join Rosemont College Archives' & community for the launch of:

Visions of 2020: Stories of Our Times, from COVID-19 to Racial Injustice


The Rosemont College Archives is the official home for Rosemont's valuable historical documents, memorabilia, photographs, and publications. The Archives also holds professional and personal papers of some faculty and alumni. Our mission is to collect and preserve material that tells the history and reflects the culture of Rosemont and its community members from its founding in 1921 to present day. The Archives supports the information needs of the entire Rosemont community and is open to the public, including scholarly researchers and genealogists.  If you want to research facts, people, or places connected to Rosemont, the Archives is the place to start.

June 2020 Rosemont's Campus Starts Reopening after the Pandemic

Campus Reopening_Facebook post, Jun 2020

June 2020 Health Screening upon Entering Campus

Health screening entering campus, Jun 2020

May 2020 Facebook Announcement for Virtual Graduation

Announcement for virtual graduation_Facebook, May 2020

2017 Ethos Spring Publication

Ethos Publication, Spring 2017

2014 Founder's Day Ice Cream

Founder's Day, 2014

2014 MLK Day with Campus Ministry

MLK Day_Campus Ministry, 2014

2014 Stroll Thru the Arts

Stroll-Thru-the-Arts, 2014

2013 Freshman Cap & Gown Convocation

Freshman-Convocation, 2013

2013 Founder's Day Softball Game

Sr. Jeanne up-to-bat at the Founder's Day Softball Game, 2013

2013 Men's Soccer Game

Men's Soccer Game, 2013

2013 Rathalla in the Snow

Main in the Snow, 2013

2012 Reunion of the Class of '67

Class of '67, 2012

2012 Women's Basketball

Women's Basketball - last game 2012

2009 Rosemont's First Men's Basketball Team

1st Men's Basketball Team, 2009-10

2008 Graduates at Commencement

Commencement, 2008

2007 Ram Squad Steppers

Ram-Squad-Steppers, 2007

2006 Volleyball Team

Volleyball Team, 2006

2003, Class of '08 at Freshman Convocation

Class of 2008 at Freshman Convocation, 2003

ca.2000 Rosie the Rosemonster Mascot

Rosie the Rosemonster Mascot, 2000s

1994-95 Field Hockey Game

Field Hockey Game, 1994-95

1989 Badminton Team

Badminton Team, 1989

1973 Field Hockey Game

Field Hockey Game, 1973

ca.1970, Student Commuters at the Rosemont Station

Student Commuters, 1970s

1969 Move-in Day

Move-in Day, 1969

1968 Alumnae Journal, Summer issue, "Turbulent Years" article

Alumnae Journal-1968 Summer_Turbulent Years

1966 Penny Toss

Penny Toss, 1966

1964 Science Class

Science Class, 1964

1960 Visit by Cardinal Montini (Pope Paul VI)

Visit by Cardinal Montini (Pope Paul VI)_front of Rathalla, 1960

1957 Carolers on Campus

Carolers on Campus, 1957

1957 Senator John F. Kennedy visits Rosemont

Senator John F. Kennedy visits Rosemont, 1957

1954 Yearbook Page

1954 Yearbook Page

1951 Science Club Members

Science Club Members, 1951

ca.1950 Rambler Staff

Rambler Staff group photo, 1950s

1948 Faculty

Faculty, 1948

1941 Junior Prom

Junior Prom, 1941

The Chapel's Stained Glass Window of Cornelia Connelly, Built in 1941

Cornelia_Connelly_stained_glass, 1941

ca.1940, The T-House

The T-House in the 1940s

Drawing of the Library by Victoria Donohoe '40

Drawing of the Library by Victoria Donohoe '40

1939 Field Hockey Team in the Inquirer

Field Hockey Team in the Inquirer, 1939

1934 Kistler Library Plaque

Kistler Library Plaque, 1934

ca.1930 Jest & Gesture Play

Jest & Gesture Play, 1930s

1927 Class Officers at Graduation

1927 Class Officers at Graduation

Cornelia Connelly Hall built in 1925

Connelly Hall, Unknown date

ca.1921 Rosemont's First Graduates, L-R Helen Blake & Patricia Stevenson

Freshman year, L-R Helen Blake & Patricia Stevenson, ca.1921

1921 Holy Child College Advertisement

Holy Child College Advertisement, 1921

ca.1860 Carte de Visite Album

Sinnott Album-found in MainBldg, 1860s

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Sr. Dennis instructing a student on a computer, 1980s

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