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Citation Managers

Learn about how to use Citation Managers to help with your research!


bibme logoBibMe, from Chegg, is a free citation creator on the web, similar to EasyBib. Unlike EasyBib, Bibme allows free citations for most major citation styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago and more. You can add citations to a bibliography, which you can export directly to Word, all free. However, if you would like to save and manage your citations over a period of time, you must register and create a paid account.

Creating Citations

One the bibme home page, it's easy to get started. Simply select the citation style you are using... 

bibme home page with listing of citation formats


and then add the title of the work you are trying to cite in the search box:

bibme auto cite search box and source type bar


If the correct work is listed, click the 'Select' button to the right of the item and it will automatically populate the citation form with as much information as it can pull in. 

selecting works in Bib Me


PLEASE NOTE that you may still need to enter in missing data to complete the citation.

partially completed Bib Me auto cite form

Manual Entries

If the correct work is not listed in the results, then you can enter the work manually. Select the type of work you are trying to cite and click on the 'Manual Entry Mode' link underneath the search box. Depending on the type of source you're citing, you will be brought to the appropriate form. Below are some pictures of sample forms:

Journal Article Book Website
bibme manual journal entry bibme book manual entry bibme manual website entry form

Once you are done, click the "Create Citation" button to create the formal citation:

bibme final citation result & bibliography

From this page, you can select "Add another citation to your bibliography" to add additional works, or, when you're done, select "Download to Word" to download your entire bibliography directly to your Word document.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Free citations for all the major citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago)
  • Quick citation creation for individual items
  • Can automatically find and cite thousands of items by title only
  • Direct download into Microsoft Word
  • Can create and export entire bibliography
  • Must pay in order to save sources/work on bibliography over several sessions
  • Cannot save or organize sources for free
  • Premium services cost extra
  • Auto-cite feature does not work for every source


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