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Citations & Academic Honesty

Learn about plagiarism, how to avoid it, and how to use citation managers to help with your research!


EasyBib, created by ImagineEasy Solutions and now managed by Chegg, is a great source for creating citations and entire bibliographies in MLA format. Unfortunately, other citation styles, such as APA and Chicago, require a premium membership.

EasyBib works the roughly the same for all types of sources. You can enter the title of the book or article or the URL of a website and EasyBib will fill in as much of the other information as it can find. You may have to complete the citation if it is missing information. This is mostly accurate though errors still occur.

You can also enter in all the relevant information manually. This is more time consuming but also more accurate since you know the information you have is correct.

Adding Citations: Websites

To generate a citation for a Website, you can simply enter the URL and EasyBib will fill in as much of the other information as it can find.

automatic citation generator for websites in EasyBib Manual citation entry form for websites in EasyBib


Books, similar to websites, can have citations created for them by either entering the Title, ISBN number or other identifier, or by entering them manually. Remember, most of the relevant citation information can be found on the back of a book's Title Page, usually a few pages in from the cover.

automatic citation generator for books in EasyBib
manual citation entry form for books in EasyBib

Journal Articles

To generate a citation for an article found in a journal or other periodical, you can have EasyBib automatically create it for you by searching for the Article Title, keywords or DOI number. Please note that not every article can be found this way.

To generate a citation manually, click on Manual Cite and include as much information about the article as possible, including  article title, author(s), journal title and publication information (volume, issue, number). If you found the article from a database, please include that information as well.

automatic citation generator for journal articles in EasyBib manual citation entry form for journal articles in EasyBib


Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Free citations for MLA style
  • Quick citation creation for individual items
  • Can automatically find and cite thousands of items by title only
  • Direct download into Microsoft Word
  • Can create and export entire bibliography
  • Does not provide free citations for APA, Chicago, or any other citation style
  • Must pay in order to save sources/work on bibliography over several sessions
  • Cannot save or organize sources for free
  • Premium services cost extra
  • Auto-cite feature does not work for every source