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SGPS Thesis & Capstone Guide

This guide will help Graduate Students as they develop their thesis or capstone


Welcome to the SGPS Guide Thesis and Capstone Guide. This guide is designed to help you effectively write your final projects, be they a thesis or capstone.

General Helpful Hints and Resources

Time management is KEY to creating a quality capstone or thesis. Never leave anything until the last minute. Here are some helpful resources.

You've created the first draft of your project or thesis. Now comes the hard part: EDITING AND PROOFREADING! These are time consuming processes and a pain. But, editing and proofreading your work allows you to create a polished final project that will wow your department and future employers.

What most people don't tell you is that writer's block is completely natural! It shows that your brain needs to rest and process. But, if you're worried, here are some great resources.

Discipline specific resources