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Healthcare Administration

A general guide to resources on Healthcare Administration for members of the Rosemont community.

Welcome to the Healthcare Administration Guide!

For more information on Rosemont's MS in Healthcare Administration, click here.

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These key words may be helpful to you as you try to search for information:

  • Healthcare administration
  • Health insurance
  • Health economics
  • Health care quality
  • Health informatics
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid

Encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries and other reference books can be a great place to start your research. They will:

  • Give you the background information you need to start researching unfamiliar concepts
  • Help you to narrow your topic down to a manageable research question
  • Provide fast, reliable sources for definitions, facts, and statistics.

The following featured books are included in the Kistler Library's collection. EBooks will link directly to their source (login may be required).

Follow these links to search additional eBooks online:

Use the following multi-subject and subject-specific databases to search for detailed research articles on your topic. Login required for off-campus access. Click here for the full list of Rosemont's electronic databases.

Looking for specific articles on a topic? Visit our Electronic Databases page and search the resources listed there.