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Political Science

This guide is dedicated to research and courses in Political Science.

Finding Political Science Articles

When taking political science courses, you will be asked to research and locate articles that are very specific to the field of Political Science. Below are some tips to help you find articles on political science topics:

  • Try to use terms used frequently in the field of political science like "rights," "laws and "civil"
  • Also use terms that are directly relevant to your topic (i.e. "immigration," "emigration," and "refugee" could all technically be used to describe the same situation, but have significantly different connotations)
  • Use Political Science specific databases such as CIAO and GPO to find relevant information
  • When using a multi-subject database like OmniFile, look at the Journal before you read an article. An article that is on your topic, but is published in a medical or religion or education journal, may not provide the type of viewpoint and information that is helpful for your research
  • When using the database JSTOR, use the advanced search to enter your search terms and scroll down the page to select Political Science journals
  • When using the database ProjectMUSE, use the advanced search to enter your search terms and use the Research Area limiter on the left to select the "Social Sciences" and then "Political Science" options to narrow your search