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Women & Gender Studies

Resources and strategies for researching assignments in women's studies/gender studies.

Interdisciplinary Research
Gender studies are considered interdisciplinary because gender can be studied through a number of lenses:

  • Humanities: gender in literature and art, gender in religion, philosophy of gender
  • Social Sciences: psychological and sociological aspects of gender, gender in business and politics, gender in history
  • Sciences: gender issues in the sciences, gender in medicine, overlap between bioethics and gender

What does that mean when I'm researching?

  • You'll need to consult a wide variety of resources.
  • You'll probably need to start your research from one of the disciplines above, and find gender concerns within the resources on that subject.
  • You may end up doing research in more than one discipline.

Encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries and other reference books can be a great place to start your research. They will:

  • Give you the background information you need to start researching unfamiliar concepts
  • Help you to narrow your topic down to a manageable research question
  • Provide fast, reliable sources for definitions, facts, and statistics.

Use the following multi-subject and subject-specific databases to search for detailed research articles on your topic. Login required for off-campus access. Click here for the full list of Rosemont's electronic databases.