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Faculty Resources at Kistler Library

Are you a new member of Rosemont College's faculty, or a returning member looking to learn more about using the Library for your courses? View this guide to learn about the resources and support available to you from Kistler Library.

How to Access and Request Titles Via Kanopy

  1. Navigate to or locate "Kanopy" on our Database page.
  2. If you're off campus, you'll be prompted to login before proceeding. Once Kanopy loads, you will see a landing page that notes your access is provided by Rosemont College. Important: if you don't see "Rosemont College," you are not accessing Kanopy via our subscription!

  3. At this stage, you do not need to either "Log in" or "Sign up" using the options at the top-right of the page. However, you may do so if you wish to set up a personal account to create a watchlist or track your viewing history. If you have previously established a Kanopy account through another library, you can link it to Rosemont's subscription by logging in.
  4. Proceed to search for specific titles, or alternatively, use the "Browse" menu to view film titles in various genres & topic areas.
  5. When searching or browsing, you will likely see a notice stating, "We couldn't find any results for…." Ignore this and keep scrolling down to see titles that you can request access to. The Library will only be purchasing licenses to individual films.

  6. Click on a title of your choice. You will see a notice stating, "Rosemont College doesn't offer ______ right now." If you want to request that we purchase a license for this title, fill out the form below. Please include information about how the title will be used. Due to the costs involved, we will be prioritizing films that are required class viewing. You will receive a copy of your request via email.

  7. Library staff will review your request. When approved, you will receive a confirmation email from Kanopy. You will then be able to share a link to the approved film with your students. (Hint: use our proxy to make sure students can access the film off campus.) Email with any issues.


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