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Racial Justice

A guide to racial justice reading and research, including links to local and national organizations.

Welcome to the Racial Justice Research Guide

This guide provides members of the Rosemont community with a host of resources, both free and subscription-based, on racial justice, allyship, and anti-racist activism. Included are a number of critical, theoretical, and historical texts from prominent Black and POC scholars as well as articles and media related to current events. Many of these resources were compiled from social media posts that proliferated during the protests following the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Please contact us if you are having difficulty accessing any of the materials and resources linked here, or if you are aware of any further resources that you believe should be highlighted.

Featured resources are divided into three pages:

To pursue your own research, please use the links and search tools below. You may find the following key terms helpful. Remember, librarians are always standing by to assist!

Suggested search terms and phrases:
  • white supremacy
  • racial capitalism
  • racial stereotypes in media
  • structural inequality in education
  • hate crimes
  • microaggressions
  • school to prison pipeline
  • redlining
  • voter suppression
  • police brutality
  • war on drugs
  • racial wealth gap
  • systemic racism
  • prison industrial complex
  • environmental racism
  • broken windows policing

Encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries and other reference books can be a great place to start your research. They will:

  • Give you the background information you need to start researching unfamiliar concepts
  • Help you to narrow your topic down to a manageable research question
  • Provide fast, reliable sources for definitions, facts, and statistics.

Follow these links to search additional eBooks online:

Use the following multi-subject and subject-specific databases to search for detailed research articles on your topic. Login required for off-campus access. Click here for the full list of Rosemont's electronic databases.