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Collegiate Athletics

A collection of resources for researching topics related to collegiate athletics.

Initial Keywords

Example Prompt: Differences in college athletic facilities across Division I, II, and III schools and their affect on college athletic performance.

Keywords: College, NCAA, Division I, II, and III, Sports, Athletics, Athletes, Facilities, Gym, Fields, Trainers, Staff, Performance, Winning, Health

Additional Keywords

During the Discovery Search, I found an article entitled "International society of sports nutrition position stand: tactical athlete nutrition." It turned out not to have anything to do with sports. Instead, "A review of the scientific literature was conducted related to the tactical athlete, tactical athlete nutrition, warfighters, first responders, supplementation, health, performance, and operational readiness" (Gonzalez 268) and this paper was produced giving recommendations to the military and first responders to improve physical, cognitive, and occupational performance outcomes through nutritional considerations.

This could be a point in the research process where we adjust the focus of our research product (i.e. paper, presentation, etc.) to sports nutrition outcomes for college sports programs. Even if this does not turn into a major focus of the product, I will collect any keywords I find interesting from the article title, abstract, or any of the article that I saw while quickly reviewing and do an internet search for the International Society of Sports Nutrition and any organizations dealing with college sports, nutrition, physical training, and facilities.

Keywords: international society of sports nutrition, sports nutrition, tactical athlete, nutrition, operational readiness, supplementation, health

Works Cited

Gonzalez, Drew E., et al. “International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: Tactical Athlete Nutrition.” Journal of the International Society of

Sports Nutrition, vol. 19, no. 1, 2022, pp. 267–315,