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This guide will provide access to some recommended resources on human nutrition.

Use these search terms to find more books on diet and nutrition:

public health
human health
quacks and quackery

Consult books and reference books (for example: encyclopedia, atlases, directories and dictionaries) for preliminary research and background information.

These are some of the periodicals that publish peer-reviewed articles on your topic. Use them in your academic research and to become familiar with the leading scholars, issues, and trends in the field.

Expertise in nutrition can open the door to many professional opportunities, such as:

Registered Dietitian
Nutrition or Dietitian Technician
Health Counselor
Wellness Coach
Director of Nutrition Services
Kitchen Manager

Professional organizations conduct research, publish, hold conferences and events, collect job listings and statistics, and perform a variety of other activities to promote and support the field. Examine their websites, follow them on social media, attend conferences, or consider volunteering. This will help you to stay current in the field and to build your professional network.

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