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Environmental Studies and Sustainability

Resources and research guidance in environmental studies, sustainability, and related fields.

Interdisciplinary Research

Environmental and sustainability studies are considered interdisciplinary because there are a number of aspects of these fields:

  • Humanities: religious and philosophical discussions of the environment, environmental ethics
  • Social Sciences: sociological aspects of human-environment interaction, corporate and political sustainability initiatives, environmental history
  • ​​Sciences: biological and chemical aspects of environment, sustainability and medicine

What does that mean when I'm researching?

  • You'll need to consult a wide variety of resources.
  • You'll probably need to start your research from one of the disciplines above, and find environmental/sustainability concerns within the resources on that subject.
  • You may end up doing research in more than one discipline.

Use these resources to get topic ideas, find quick data, or learn the basics about a subject. To use them from off-campus, click the link, and then enter your Rosemont email and password when prompted.

These resources can be used to supplement the articles you've found using the resources above.

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