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Careers and Majors

A guide to resources on career planning and major selection for undecided students.

Detention Officer

Digital Forensics Examiner

Diplomatic Service Corps / Security Agent

Disaster Planner/ Specialist/ Resilience

Discrimination Investigator

Domestic Nuclear Detection

Document Control Officer/ Specialist

Environmental Protection Officer

Emergency Manager/Planner/ Responder

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Ethics Investigators

Evidence & Property Technician /Custodian

Environmental Police

Federal Coordinating Officer

Federal Protective Services (Sworn/Civilian)

Fraud Analyst/ Investigator/ Specialist

FBI Analyst/Uniformed Police/ Special Agent

Fed Reserve Bank PD

Federal Air Marshal

Federal Park Ranger

Federal Protective Services

FEMA Corps, Medical Reserve/ Reservist

Field Asset Protection Analyst

Financial Crimes Analyst / Specialist

Fire Management Specialist

Fire /EMS Coordination

Foreign Service Officer

Forensic Analyst/ Interviewer/ Technician

Forensic Accounting Specialist

Forensic Examiners

Fugitive Apprehension Agent (OIG)

Fusion Center Analyst / Officer

Global Terrorism Specialist

Grant Writer

Harbor/ River/ Port Patrol


Hearing Officer / Referee

Highway Patrol / Motorcycle Units

Homeland Security Investigation Agent

Hospital Safety Officer/ Security/ Police

Human Intelligence Officer/ Analyst

ICE Border Protection Agent

Immigration Officer/ Import Officer

Incident Management Analyst/ Specialist

Industrial Security Specialist

Information Security Officer

Infrastructure / Asset Analyst

Inspector General: Investigator

Intelligence Analyst/ Officer/ Specialist

Internal Investigator


IRS Criminal Investigator

Information Security Specialist

Judicial Services Specialist

Law Enforcement Officer (state, local, federal)

Law Enforcement Specialist/ Trainer

Language Interpreter

Litigation Manager

Lobbyist/ Consultant

Logistics Specialist

Loss Control Specialist / Super/Manager

Marine Interdiction

Media Criminologist

Military Intelligence

Military Officer/ Military Police

Mission Support Specialists

Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer/Inspector

National Security Agency Police Officer

Naval Investigator

Nuclear Security/ Police Officer

Park Ranger / Park Police Officer

Parole/ Probation Officer


Pre-Trial Officer /Investigator

Program Coordinator/ Specialist

(Fire, EMS, NSA, OEM, EMS)

Police Officer or Detective

Police Review Investigator

Policy Analyst

Polygraph Analyst

Port Authority Police Officer

Pretrial Services Officer

Prisons:  CO’s, Records, Warden

Private Detective/ Investigator

Private Security Officer/ Police Officer

Program Analyst

Protective Investigator

Public Health Corps

Public Information Officer

Public Records Specialist

Public Relations Coordinator

Public Safety Officer

Public Safety Technology Specialist

Radiological Detection/ Protection

Radiological Planning/ Response

Research Specialist

Resilience Analyst

Revenue Enforcement Agent/ Investigator

Revenue Enforcement Collections Agent

Risk Investigator/ Manager

Safety Analyst/ Inspector

Security Analyst/ Officer/ Supervisor

Situational Awareness/ Watch Officer

Skip Tracer – Repossession Agent  

Social Policy Advocate

Source Analyst

Supply Technician/ Manager

Surveillance Investigator / Officer

Surveillance Specialist/ Technician

SWAT Officer/ Medic

Targeted Case Manager

Targeter/ Mission Manager

TSA Agent/ Analyst/ Officer/ Screeners

Training & Development Officer

USDA/ Forestry Police/ Special Agent

Use of Force Consultant

Witness Protection Agent/Officer

Veterans Administration Police

Vetting & Screening Service Operator

Violent Crimes Services Advocate


Air Enforcement Agent

Airport Security Officer

Alarm Center Monitor/ Dispatcher

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering Analyst/ Investigator

Antiterrorism Analyst/ Officer/ Specialist

Armed Security Officer

Arson/ Fire/ Explosion Investigator

Asylum Officer

ATF Special Agent


Aviation Unit/ Air Interdiction Unit

Background Investigator

Bail Enforcement Agent

Bank/ Credit Fraud Investigator

Behavioral Detection Specialist

Biosafety Officer

Body Guard/ Executive Protection

Border Patrol Agent

Budget Officer/ Analyst

Business Continuity Planner/ Manager

Canine Officer (K-9)

Capitol Police Officer (U.S./ State)

Catastrophe Operations Manager

CBRNE Specialist

Chemical Defense SME/ Response

CIA Agent, Analyst, Officer, Police

Civil Rights/ Liberties Officer

Civilian Background Investigator

Coast Guard Officer

Compliance Officer

Computer Forensics Investigator

Communications Officer/ Dispatcher

Community Resource Specialist

Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Congressional Aide

Conflict Resolution Specialist

Continuity of Government Planner

Continuity Planner / Specialist

Corporate Emergency Management

Corrections Officer/ Manager

Counterterrorism Agent/ Analyst

Court Administrator/ Liaison/ Officer

Crime Analyst/ Lab Director/ Supervisor

Crime Prevention Officer

Crime Scene Investigator/ Photographer

Criminal History Examiner I / II

Criminal Intelligence Specialist/ Technician

Criminal Investigator/ Profiler

Criminal Justice Specialist

Criminal Researcher

Criminalist/ Criminologist/ Sociologist

Criminal Tax Investigator

Customs Agent/ Board Patrol/ Inspector

Cyber Forensics Investigator

DEA Agent / Narcotics

Death Investigator/ Coroner/

Demonstrative Evidence Specialist 

Deportation Officer

Federal Agency Salary Details

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