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Religious Studies

Resources in religious studies available to the Rosemont community.

Friendship Studies is a relatively new interdisciplinary field dedicated to promoting research, education and practices focused on the nature and role of friendship in personal, social, cultural, political, cosmic and religious life. As such, this guide will be updated as new resources are submitted.

This interdisciplinary collection provides introductory resources for studies in this area, as well as access to more specialized research and collaboration among international scholars and professionals. We welcome you to explore the possibilities for engaging friendship: as a source of inquiry for undergraduate or graduate studies, and as a lens for critical scholarship across methodologies that include but are not limited to pedagogical, ethical, aesthetic, and spiritual approaches, and within and across the natural and social sciences, humanities, fine and performing arts, and applied and professional fields.

To find more books and other resources on friendship studies, try these search terms:

"interpersonal relations"
"interpersonal conflict"
"love-hate relationships"
"social interaction"
friendships, fast

To narrow a search with many results, try these terms:

"social aspects"
"young adults"
"health aspects"
"sex differences"

Featured Friendship Studies Resources

Looking for specific articles on a topic? Visit our Electronic Databases page and search the resources listed there.

Authors and Works

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